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Welcome to the Elder Law Practice of H. Todd Whatley

We are here to help the elderly, their families and those that plan to become elderly throughout the state of Arkansas. Please take a couple of minutes to watch the above video about our practice and get to know us a little bit better. Afterwards, take a look around our website, or call one of our offices. We look forward to hearing from you.showbox apps

Take a minute to watch this short video that will introduce you to our practice and our staff, and answer some common questions that many people have.  If you have any other questions, or you are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call or contact us here.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

Elder Law is All We Do

Our entire focus is on serving the legal needs of the elderly and their families
and we have incorporated that focus into everything we do.

Estate planning for those that are aging is unique. We focus our estate planning on preserving the state and doing everything we can to avoid you our your family having to go to court for guardianship or probate.
Our goal is for you to avoid guardianship by doing powers of attorney while you still can. We have found that many times it can be avoided therefore saving the immediate fee of guardianship and most importantly saving the entire estate.
We help clients plan and arrange their estates so that they can pay for the expense of long term care in home, assisted living or a nursing home without going broke, while still having something left to pass on to their children.
If you have a disabled family member that you want to benefit from your estate, our firm is uniquely qualified to create an estate plan that preserves the Medicaid benefits of a beneficiary who truly needs your help

The Expertise to Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

Meet Our Attorneys

Todd Whatley - CELACELA

Todd Whatley

Todd was a Physical Therapist for 13 years working in home health and nursing homes. He graduated from the Bowen school of law in 1998. He has been in private practice since 1999 and focused on elder law since 2000. He became Arkansas’ second Certified Elder Law Attorney in 2006.

    Jamison Bonds - AttorneyAttorney

    Jamison Bonds

    Jamison manages the Fort Smith branch of the Elder Law Practice. In addition to his expertise in Elder Law, Jamison is an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs and spends much of his time working with veterans to get the VA benefits they have earned.

      Melissa Burton - AttorneyAttorney

      Melissa Burton

      After graduating from law school in 2007, Melissa worked in both corporate and family law before eventually meeting Todd Whatley and beginning work at the Elder Law Practice, where she has been helping seniors and their families navigate their legal needs ever since.

        Krissi Sutton - AttorneyAttorney

        Krissi Sutton

        Krissi began her career in elder law as a clerk at the Elder Law Practice of H. Todd Whatley while she was completing law school, and she now works as an attorney at the same practice helping clients shift from worrying about their future to feeling confident that their wishes will be respected.

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